Zero cycle construction

We specialize in one of the most demanding works - the zero cycle level. We work in Atyrau, Mangystau and West Kazakhstan regions.

The zero-cycle group building includes preparation of the construction site, demolition of buildings, cleaning and vertical planning of the plot, arrangement of temporary and permanent and access roads, preparation for installation of communications and engineering networks, construction of enclosing structures, work on dewatering, reinforcement of soils, foundation construction and supporting structures of the underground part of the building.

Of course, we make excavations, remove the soil and utilize it.

Construction of trenches and pits

Demolition of buildings and structures

Arrangement of access roads

Waterproofing and drains

All types of piling

Construction site planning

Laying communications

Construction waste removal

Preparation of engineering networks

Proof of excellent work

Own fleet of vehicles from more than 50 units

Experience in massive projects

Tight control over the timing of work

24/7 monitoring system

Quality control management system

High qualified staff

All necessary approving documentation

Fast vehicles & workers mobilization

24/7 customer support


During the practice, we have completed more than 100 pits. The total volume of excavated soil is more than 1 million m3. Experienced professionals of our company can solve any problem and take into account all the factors directly or indirectly affecting the final result.

Development of pits is not only excavation. The complex of works includes the discharge of groundwater, waterproofing, and removal of soil. Due to the extensive list of our own equipment, which we are ready to quickly transfer to any point of Kazakhstan, any work will be carried out qualitatively and on time.

Calculating the cost of development of the pit

The cost of work depends on many factors: the volume and depth of the pit, the type of soil and the distance of the object, the proximity of groundwater. Close price for the development of the pit can be found in the online calculator. The detailed count will be done by our specialists.

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