Transportation of inert and bulk cargos in Kazakhstan

Despite the apparent simplicity, the carriage of goods in bulk has its own features, because they cannot be reloaded as easily as pallets. Our company has broad experience in transportation and loading what is transported by dump trucks: sand, soil, rubble, gravel, asphalt, expanded clay, and other bulk materials and construction debris. We work in Atyrau, Mangystau and West Kazakhstan regions. Our own fleet of vehicles, including dump trucks, bulldozers, excavators, allows us to state that everything will be done perfectly and in the shortest possible time. And, of course, there are no problems with the accompanying documentation.

Construction waste removal

We will not let the construction site to become a sort of dump! So let's pick up the required transport, ship and take out what is subject to utilization. We will also help with the getting of permits. Construction supervision will call you as a good example.

Transportation of inert cargos

Logistics costs for the moving of inert goods are most significant in construction. With the help of our specialists, we will compile the most optimal transportation plans, arrange loading and unloading, and control the entire process. You will only have to sign shipping documents.

Soil moving

Utilization of the soil in the arrangement of the pit or foundation can be a real headache. We will not allow this. We provide regular export of soil in compliance with all safety regulations, in accordance with established standards. A large fleet of specialized equipment and qualified staff will ensure safe loading and transportation of cargo to the place of disposal.

Snow removal

Snowy winter gives a lot of trouble when cleaning the roads. After all, the snow must be removed somewhere. We organize fast, professional and safe snow removal with subsequent disposal. Roads and ways to the factory or shopping center will delight the lack of ice and snow. We guarantee the process around the clock because understanding the importance of this work.

The benefits of working with us

Giant fleet of 50+ vehicles

Wide experience with large objects

Tight timeline control

24/7 monitoring system

Quality control management system

High qualified staff

Backing documentation

Express mobilization

24-hour feedback with client

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